Ciao Philadelphia 2017

An engaging partnership with the most prominent cultural institutions of the region and various components of the Italian American community.

Celebrating the Italian American Community

Greater Philadelphia boasts one of the largest, and most accomplished, Italian-American communities in the United States. The birthplace of the United States of America, Philadelphia is a city deeply connected to Italian values and the Italian way of life, exemplified by the rich universities, museums, art centers and neighborhoods and contributions of Italian heritage. I am proud to announce that the Consulate General of Italy - in partnership with area civic, academic, cultural and business leaders - is launching the fourth edition of Ciao Philadelphia in October 2017 after the success of its inaugural year in 2014.

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Italy says, "Ciao, Philadelphia"

Italian Cultural Month Ad

Buon viaggio. Italian envoy leaving Phila. with a portfolio of achievement

Italy's man in Philly promoted to Caribbean

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January 17


Tuesday Primo

January 23

Jan 23

Monday Son of Saul

January 27

Jan 27

Friday Nazi Medicine, The Halocauset, and the problem of Collective Evil

January 30

Jan 30

Monday Gattaca

February 2

Feb 2

Thursday Gattaca Discussion with Dr. Alex Levin
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