Celebrating the Italian-American Community and the Italian Legacy in Philadelphia

Greater Philadelphia boasts one of the largest, and most accomplished, Italian-American communities in the United States. The birthplace of the United States of America, Philadelphia is a city deeply connected to Italian values and the Italian way of life, exemplified by the rich universities, museums, art centers, and neighborhoods and contributions of Italian Heritage. I am proud to announce that the Consulate General of Italy - in partnership with area civic, academic, cultural and business leaders - is launching the fourth edition of Ciao Philadelphia in October 2017 after the success of its previous editions in 2016, 2015, and 2014.

In a region greatly influenced by Italian culture, Ciao Philadelphia aims to highlight its cosmopolitan and sophisticated nature through events. Ciao Philadelphia is a month-long series of more than 70 events that highlight the contributions of Italians and Italian Americans to Greater Philadelphia, the Delaware valley and, indeed, the world.

Ciao Philadelphia truly has something to offer everyone by highlighting the international nature of the region as established through the influence of its Italian and Italian American community.

Ciao Philadelphia is an engaging partnership with the most prominent cultural institutions of the region and various components of the Italian American community. Every landmark institution of the region with an Italian influence as well as all major universities are included. Ciao Philadelphia is a way to appreciate the Italian Cultural Heritage and connect the region with contemporary Italy, opening doors for growing economic and academic exchanges. The extensive media coverage received in Italy thorough Ciao Philadelphia helps to promote awareness about new opportunities in and with the Greater Philadelphia region.

Ciao Philadelphia is realized thanks to the support of the Ciao Philadelphia sponsors: KPMG, PREIT, Rothman Institute, SEPTA, CGI, PECO, Pennoni, Parke Bank, American Airlines, Dilworth Paxson, Duane Morris, Pennsylvania Tourism Office, Today Media, and Fedegari Technologies INC.

We are thrilled to be working with our partner organizations and sponsors to highlight the best of Italy and our Italian-American community throughout October 2017. Thank you to all the partners and sponsors for their support in organizing the 2017 edition of Ciao Philadelphia.

Andrea Canepari, LL.M.
Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, June 20, 2017